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China and Overseas Aluminium Profile Industry Report

Cina KALU INDUSTRY Sertifikasi
Cina KALU INDUSTRY Sertifikasi
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China and Overseas Aluminium Profile Industry Report
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China Aluminium Profile Industry Report _Jiangyin Xinyu Decoration Material Co.,Ltd.



China’s output and consumption of aluminum profiles kept growth but saw a slowdown in growth rate

In 2014, China was still the world’s largest producer and consumer of aluminum profiles, accounting for 64.8%, 64.0% and 63.2% of global capacity, output and consumption, respectively. It is expected that output and consumption of aluminum profile in China will reach 18.43 million tons and 15 million tons in the year, up 13.98% and 7.45% from a year earlier, respectively, compared with year-on-year growth rate of 15.50% and 11.15% in 2013. A slowdown in industry growth was largely attributed to overall declining trend of aluminum prices and sluggish downstream demand since the financial crisis.

Key Topics Covered:

– Development of China aluminum profiles industry, covering policy climate, global capacity and output, China’s capacity and output, consumption and structure, regional competition pattern and enterprises’ competitive landscape, import and export.

– Market segments of China aluminum profiles industry, including architectural aluminum profiles consumption and main areas of consumption, industrial aluminum profiles consumption, consumption structure, main areas of consumption and projects under construction of major listed companies;

– 7 major global aluminum profiles companies, containing operation, aluminum profiles business, layout in China and development planning;

– 9 major listed Chinese aluminum profiles companies and 12 unlisted ones, including operation, revenue structure, aluminum profiles output and sales volume, development planning;

– Summary of the Chinese aluminum profiles market in 2014 and forecast for its development over the next three years.

Companies Mentioned

– Alcoa

– Aleris International Inc.

– Asia-Pacific Light Alloy Technology

– AsiaAlum Group

– Changsha Zhensheng Group

– China Zhongwang

– Fujian Minfa Aluminium

– Fujian Nanping Aluminium

– Guangdong HaoMei Aluminium

– Jiangsu Jiangyin Xinyu Decoration Material Co.,Ltd.

– Guangdong Fenglu Aluminium

– Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Factory

– Guangdong JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co., Ltd.

– Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory

– Guangdong XingfaAluminium

– Guangya Aluminium

– Jilin Liyuan Aluminum

– Midas Holding Limited

– Nippon Light Metal

– Press Metal

– Qinghai Guoxin Aluminum Industry

– Sapa AS

– Shandong Conglin Aluminum

– Shandong Nanshan Aluminum

– Suzhou Lopsking Aluminum

– TaishanKamkiuAluminiumExtrusion


– Zhejiang Dongliang New Material

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